Let there be light!

Ken has installed our Solus system on his landing area glass balustrade

So many homes suffer from a windowless landing which in our good old British winters can feel even more dark and dingey.

Keith in Northampton had the idea to brighten up his landing with our frameless glass balustrade.

After taking out the old stud walls himself Keith installed our Solus balustrade system into existing timber work.  Our channels are pre drilled so he simply had to bolt the channel to the timber getting a good fix.

Keith could have mitred the channel on site for his corner (which is easy to do), but he opted for one of our pre made corners to make installation even easier.

We supplied the glass to size and he was able to easily lock into the channel using our wedge clamping system.

Adding an end cap to the open end by the stairs finished off the installation nicely.

Now Keiths landing is no longer a dark walk through area at the top of his stairs, it’s a light, open and safe part of his home.