“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.” –Jonathan Swift
open end of solus frameless glass balustrade system from Vantage
We love frameless balustrades!

Our founder, Steve set up Vantage to bring innovation to a stagnant industry. Back in 2011 Steve saw there was a need for some product development within the frameless glass balustrade market. At the time the market consisted of only a few manufactures and the designs had been the same for over a decade.

Over the years we've has brought new products to the market that allowed for easier and faster installation. We've also pioneered better product finishes and reduced material use in our systems. The company is constantly striving to enact ways to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum. One of the ways we do this is to use recycled materials to package our systems, whether it be cardboard or plastic we are conscious about the environmental impact.

By 2017 the market had changed considerably and saw the trend of more customers doing self installation. With the products being 'DIY friendly' there was an obvious evolution. Not wanted to confuse the traditional B2B and B2C markets in 2018 we launched Vantage Balustrades, a division aimed entirely at the residential and small trade market.

That's where we are today with Vantage Balustrades still holding to the core values of: Affordable innovation & Eco thinking.

Based in Cornwall we are growing in terms of staff, products and market share.

With years of experience we are able to advise on the many elements of frameless glass balustrades. From different installation methods to what glass is needed.