What are the regulations around frameless glass balustrades?

There are a number of regulations and standards that determine what systems can be installed for each scenario. We have compiled a brief summary of the regulations for your reference; please note that all of the information contained here is intended for guidance only and will vary between countries.

Below is a guide to building regulations that relate to balustrades within England and Wales. More information can be found on the BSI website (http://www.bsigroup.com/);

  • BS6180 2011 – Code of practice for barriers in and about building.
  • BS EN 12600 – Glass in building. Pendulum test. Impact test method and classification for flat glass.
  • BS6206 1982 – Code of practice for the glazing for buildings.
  • BS6399- Loading for buildings-all parts.
  • Building regulations part K; Stairs, ramps and guards

What height does my balustrade need to be?


As with glass thicknesses this varies depending on the installation. We have compiled the table below to show what heights are required and where;


Please note this is from finished floor level i.e. if the balustrade channel system is below the level of the floor the top of the glass will still need to be at the required height.

What are your products made of and are they OK for coastal installations?

Our balustrade channel systems are made from extruded aluminium. This is then brushed and anodised to look like stainless steel.
The anodising is an extra layer of protection for the aluminium and is safe you use internal or externally and in coastal situation

Do you supply different coloured balustrade channels?

We do indeed. As standard they come in a brushed stainless finish but we can also powdercoat the balustrade channels in any RAL colour you like.
These are all to order so please allow upto 10 working days for delivery but contact us for prices.

Do I need a handrail on my glass balustrade?

This is the most common question we get asked.


Under BS 6180:2011 all glass balustrades need a double barrier. This means ‘if’ a panel broke you need a secondary barrier in place.


Therefore as a rule if you are installing mono glass i.e. 12mm, 15mm, 19mm you will need a handrail to form the secondary barrier. If you are using laminate glass i.e. 17.5mm or 21.5mm you don’t need a handrail as the two panels on the laminated sheet form the first and secondary barrier.


We always state though to check with your local building control.

What glass thickness do I need for frameless balustrades?

Under building regulations in the UK you can install 12mm, 15mm or 19mm toughened glass as well as 17.5mm and 21.5mm toughened laminate glass. Different installations/scenarios require different glass thicknesses.
On this page you will find a few tables that detail what thickness glass needs to be used and where.
The first table below shows the different loadings each glass type will take;
This second table shows what loading is required in each installation. You can then cross reference the loading requirement with the glass thickness above to show what thickness you need;

Can you supply the glass as well?

We can indeed supply your glass if needed.


We work with a few third party suppliers who can supply glass across the UK. This can save you a lot of hassle as you only have to deal with us and they produce and deliver the glass direct to your site.


Please let us know if you would like a quote.

Do you offer a fitting service?

We don’t i’m afraid, we do however work with a number of installers both big and small who we can put you in contact with.


The systems we supply are also DIY (with relative knowledge) friendly.

Do I need any special tools to install your systems?

No, our systems are designed to be as user friendly as possible without the need to buy expensive one off tools.

I'm still unsure of what I need, can you help further?

Yes we can.  We know working out what you need for your frameless balustrade can be confusing.  Just get in touch and we’ll help you work out exactly what you need.

Do you do products for juliette balustrades?

Yes we do! As well as our frameless balustrade systems we also do a range of other products, one of which is our Dyad Juliette balustrade system.  Dyad follows our style of ‘less is more’ trying to be as unobtrusive as possible.  We’ve developed a system that clamps the glass in at the side and can be fitted to the window frame – the result: just a great uninterrupted view!

Do you supply UK wide and internationally?

We’re based in Cornwall in the UK but we can supply all over the UK and worldwide.  We’ve supplied our systems to projects in every region of the British Isles as well as the channel islands and the Isle of Mann.  We’ve even had our products installed in the south of France, Norway, Germany and Ireland to name a few.

We only need a small amount of your balustrade system, can you still supply?

We can supply from the smallest amount to the largest! Always happy to help!

Can you cut the channel to size?

Our channel systems come in standard lengths which are easy to cut to suit on site but if you don’t have the tools we also offer a cutting service, just ask.

I need help designing my project, can you help?

We try our best to help our customers.  Although technically we don’t offer a design service we can always help you with your plans and advise on how our products are fitted etc.