5 easy tips on how to measure for your glass balustrade

The age old saying goes; measure twice, cut once!  If you’re installing your glass balustrade yourself we have made some tips below for you;

  1. Remember the channel will run the entire length you need whereas the glass that goes in the channel doesn’t.  You’ll have gaps between the panels of glass. Under building regs you are allowed upto a 99mm gap, we suggest a 10mm/20mm gap between panels.  This allows for the glass to expand/contract and also makes life easier when installing.  If fitting against a wall allow a gap here as well, in our experience no wall is ever 100% plumb!
  2. For any corners take into account the width of the channel.  As the glass sits in the channel on a corner the glass will not go to the end of the channel therefore take into account where the glass will end in reference to the end of the channel.
  3. Depending on the installation building regs glass needs to be either 900mm or 1100mm high.  This measurement is from the FFL (finished floor level).  If you install the channel on the floor the glass is raised slightly in the channel so the actual glass in the Solus channel can be 20mm shorter i.e. 880mm or 1080mm and still be 900mm or 1100mm from FFL once installed.
  4. Installing glass balustrade on stairs? When you come to measure the glass you’ll need to know the angle of the stringer.  This can be tricky to work out but our tip is to use a smart phone APP! There are dozens of free ones on App stores, just install one on your phone and you can see what angle the glass needs to be cut to.
  5. If you’re installation has different angles i.e. lateral 90’s or 45’s, for stairs etc we always suggest templating in wood first.  Make sure the wood is the same thickness as the channel being used and cut these to the angles.  It’s easier to correct wood templates than the channel or even the glass.

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